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CoCanCPG (Coordination of Cancer Clinical Practice Guidelines in Europe) is a Coordinated Action under the ERA-Net scheme and coordinated by the French National Cancer Institute. The CoCanCPG consortium consists of 16 institutional partners from 11 countries, involved in the funding and management of Cancer Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) programmes in France, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Lithuania, Spain and the United Kingdom. CoCanCPG started on February 1st 2006 and will end in January 2010. The project is partially funded by the European Commission.

Our common goal is to develop a sustainable cooperation for the joint management of mutually relevant priorities in Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) development and research to reduce the existing duplication and fragmentation of efforts, skills and information between programmes. This cooperation, with a long term vision, will lead to a common knowledge base to improve the timely and efficient translation of research results into consistent policies and patient oriented strategies for cancer care at the national and regional levels. This objective will be reached by gradually increasing the level of co-operation and co-ordination of different national CPG research and development programmes.


Contract Number ERA-CT-2006-026070

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