The CoCanCPG Project

Delivering appropriate, high quality care to patients with cancer is a societal responsibility for Europe.

Clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) are increasingly used to assist clinical decision making and policy making in health care. Several studies have shown that CPGs for cancer care are leading to substantial changes in clinical practice and improved patient care. However, and despite tangible improvements in diagnosis and treatment, cancer survival rates still differ markedly across European regions and worldwide. Furthermore, the incidence of cancer in Europe is increasing with the ageing population. In Europe, every day, more than 5000 persons are diagnosed with cancer and more than 3000 will die from this disease.

The reliable translation of clinical research results into consistent patient oriented strategies is a key endeavour to help improve cancer care and patient outcome. Appropriate dissemination and implementation strategies, while targeting those involved in health care decision making (clinicians, policy makers, patients and others) in the European countries is essential. In addition, the results from the recent CoCanCPG Specific Support Action (ERAS-CT-2003-003239) provide evidence of duplication of effort and fragmentation between CPG development and research programmes.

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