The Database of Cancer Uncertainties

The Database of Cancer Uncertainties (DoCU) will help with the identification and prioritisation of future cancer research across Europe. DoCU has been developed by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) in the UK, through the Coordination of Cancer Clinical Practice Guidelines in Europe (CoCanCPG) initiative.

Uncertainties around the evidence base used in guideline development are common, indeed, it is rare that all aspects of the management of a condition are supported by high-quality research evidence. In some circumstances, the research has not been done and even where it has been done it may be methodologically flawed or inconclusive.

The cancer uncertainties database will provide a tool to bring these uncertainties together and allow them to be prioritised with input from clinicians, patients, funders and researchers. The prioritised uncertainties can then be promoted to research funders and researchers across the EU. Tracking mechanisms will be developed to avoid duplication of effort and highlight relevant clinical trials that patients can participate in. The co-ordination will help to ensure that the available research funds are spent against identified priorities.

The CoCanCPG Database of Cancer Uncertainties is available on the NICE website by clicking on the following link:
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