The CoCanCPG ERA-NET strategy

The 16 Program owners and Program managers composing the CoCanCPG consortium proposed to share expertises, knowledge and skills to set up a solid and durable partnership for the joint management of mutually relevant priorities in CPG research and development.

CoCanCPG contributes to the establishment of the European Research Area by:

  • bringing organisations closer together;
  • building sustainable cooperation at the management level;
  • setting up joint activities at the transnational level to reduce duplication and overcome fragmentation.

Through these activities, CoCanCPG will provide a basis for the coherent development of policies at regional, national and European level to enhance equitable access to high-quality cancer care, and reduce cancer-related deaths within Europe.

Our development will be accompanied by a communication and dissemination plan. All actions performed by the CoCanCPG members will be made public. Our philosophy is to inform our stakeholders about our activities, results, joint trans-national actions and development plans. To begin with, we will focus these exchanges toward guidelines program managers and founders. In the near future, health practitioners, medical associations, patients associations, general public and any other interested stakeholder will be specifically targeted.

Furthermore, our Annual Meetings will be an exchange portal to share individual experiences and those of the consortium with CPG Program Managers from countries or regions where Cancer CPG programs are planned or under construction.

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