Our cooperation process

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

The CoCanCPG coordinating activities have been conceived as a four-step process; each one of these steps representing an increased cooperation level among the consortium members. The coordinating activities will be taken along the route to setting up a European and International Program of research and development on Cancer Clinical Practice Guidelines. They will include:

I. Implementation of exchange of information and best practices.

1. Identification of key processes in the management of Guideline development and research and benchmarking of best practices among partners;
2. Definition of available knowledge to be shared and best practices for sharing;
3. Conception and implementation of a common knowledge sharing platform to reduce efforts and resources duplication.

II. Definition of strategic activities for consolidating cooperation between research programs

1. Analysis of complementary and synergic expertise and activities among national and regional programs;
2. Identification of barriers that may hinder the contribution and use of results of future joint trans-national activities. Solutions to overcome identified barriers and an action plan to implement them will be defined;
3. Improvement of the exploitation of shared knowledge by analyzing diverse transferability mechanisms between various cultural and organizational contexts;
4. Identification and preparation of piloting of common strategic activities as an initial step towards the implementation of joint activities.

III. Implementation of joint activities

1. Running-up cooperative actions;
2. Development of mechanisms to adapt the results issued of the CoCanCPG trans-national activities to national and regional situations and policies taking into account the organizational and cultural diversity of the participating countries;
3. Creation and implementation of trans-national training programs;
4. Analysis of joint activities benefits to prepare a joint action plan.

IV. Implementation of trans-national research activities

1. Identification of mutually relevant priority topics to be initially implemented;
2. Publication of a joint trans-national call for proposals;
3. Development of a common long term vision on management of Cancer CPG programs and proposition of future development axes;
4. Definition of mechanisms and of an infrastructure for trans-national sustainable cooperation on Cancer CPG research and development.

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