European Union

Gateway of the European Union - This website displays useful information about EU policies and activities in twenty European languages. You may also find there the links to other specific EU website along with EU contacts within your country.

Directorate General for Research - This website, specific to the research action of the EU provides information in 11 languages. You can find out there about the latest political decisions, or the latest advances in research.

The ERA-Net website provides information on the ERA-NET program within the 6th framework program.

Community Research and Development Information Service - CORDIS offers a wide range of information about EU research and innovation policies, EU funding programmes, initiatives, potential partners, and previous and on-going projects. This service is a powerful knowledge and funding resource for both small and medium sized enterprises and big companies across Europe that wish to increase their innovative potential.

Sixth Framework Programme - This service can direct you to all of your FP6 information and participation needs. The CORDIS FP6 service is built around a suite of interactive and user-friendly support modules to provide you with a comprehensive set of information and tools to support participation in FP6.


Clinical Practice Guidelines useful links


ADAPTE  - The ADAPTE group is an international collaboration of researchers and guidelines developers who aim to promote the development and use of clinical practice guidelines.

AGREE - International collaboration of researchers and policy makers who work together to improve the quality and effectiveness of clinical practice guidelines by establishing a shared framework for their development, reporting and assessment.

Cochrane Collaboration - The reliable source of evidence in health care.

G-I-N- Guideline International Group. The Guidelines International Network is an international not-for-profit association of organisations and individuals involved in clinical practice guidelines.

GRADE Working Group. Informal collaboration to develop a common sensible approach to grading quality of evidence and strength of recommendation.

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