G-I-N Network meeting

November 1st - 4th, 2009

Location: Lisbonn, Portugal

Main theme of the G-I-N 2009 network meeting is: "Evidence Translation in Different Countries"

  • Workshop topics:

      o    Evidence tables: How to make the data shareable? 
     o Improving participation of health allied professionals and nurses in guideline development Evidence across borders- can guidelines do the same?
      o AGREE II: Workshop A – A training introduction to AGREE II
      o SEARCH filter testing: achievements thus far and next steps for the future
     o Engaging with consumers around the world - learning from the challenges and achievements of the Cochrane Collaboration Consumer Network
      o Using the GRADE approach in osteoporosis guideline development; application and interpretation of indirectness


Conference website:


October 1st - 3rd, 2008

Location: Helsinki, Finland


Main theme of the G-I-N 2008 Network Meeting is: "Implementation in practice"

  • Tentative topics:
    • Patients, professionals and guidelines - who cares?
    • Decision aids in practice: Does Information-Communication Technology help implementation?
    • Health care structures and processes – what role do the guidelines play?
  • Tentative workshop topics:
    • Evidence tables
    • Communities of practice
    • Guidelines and rational pharmacotherapy
    • Guidelines and community pharmacies
    • Patients, family, caregivers – how could guidelines help lay users?
    • Collaboration between Cochrane, HTA and guidelines
    • Guidelines and clinical autonomy

Conference website:

4th CoCanCPG Network Steering Committee meeting

December 1st-3rd, 2008

Location: Budapest, Hungary

The meeting will start with a presentation of the project and of its results to Hungarian stakeholders.

After that, partners will present results to date of their respective tasks. Decision linked with the ocntinuity and orientation of the project may be taken.

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