Rome Strategic Workshop

June 18th - 19th, 2009

Location: ISS, Rome, Italy

The Rome Strategic Workshop objective is to agree on a sustainable structure for the CoCanCPG consortium beyond the end of the current ERA-NET program.

3rd CoCanCPG Annual Meeting

May 11th - 13th, 2009

Location: IOVU, Vilnius, Lithuania

IOVU, Vilnius, Lithuania

The third annual meeting will allow a work package results presentation and a planning for the activities to come. This is the last CoCanCPG annual meeting under the ERA-NET program.

4th CoCanCPG Network Steering Committee meeting

December 1st-3rd, 2008

Location: Budapest, Hungary

The meeting will start with a presentation of the project and of its results to Hungarian stakeholders.

After that, partners will present results to date of their respective tasks. Decision linked with the ocntinuity and orientation of the project may be taken.

2nd CocanCPG Annual Meeting

May 19th - 21st, 2008

Location: Seville, Spain

The agenda is still to be determined based on the achievements of the project. A session to inform spanish stakeholders on the project, its objectives and current results is planned to be held on May 19th, 2008.

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