The ERA-NET program

Main objectives of ERA-NET

The objective of ERA-NET actions is to contribute to the creation of the European Research Area (ERA) by stimulating and supporting programme coordination and joint activities conducted at national and/or regional level, as well as among European organisations, and thus participate to the development of the common knowledge base necessary for a coherent development of policies.


ERA-NET activities

Coordination of national activities

The objectives are to encourage and support initiatives undertaken by several countries, in areas of common strategic interest, to develop synergy between their existing activities through coordination of their implementation, mutual opening and mutual access to research results as well as to define and implement joint activities.

Coordination at the European level

The objective is to enhance the complementarities and synergies between Community actions undertaken under the Framework Programme and those of other European scientific cooperation organisations as well as among these organisations themselves. Through increased coordination and collaboration the various European cooperation frameworks will contribute more effectively to the overall coherence of European research efforts and the establishment of a European Research Area.

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