European Network on Clinical Guidelines Development

CoCanCPG Paris Symposium

Tuesday, November 24th 2009

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Coordination of the Cancer Clinical Practice Guidelines Research in Europe (CoCanCPG)

Over the last decade there have been major improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. However across Europe there is still marked variation in the care that patients receive.

One proven method of ensuring that patients receive the best possible care is to develop Clinical Practice Guidelines. These are documents that identify, summarise and evaluate the most current and relevant data about care options in order to identify the best care that patients should be receiving. Producing these documents is time consuming and expertise is required; in addition many countries in the EU do not have access to these skills.

Recognizing the importance of these skills and guidelines, the European Union funded a four year ERA-NET programme under FP6 framework on Coordination of Cancer Clinical Practice Guidelines in Europe (CoCanCPG) to allow collaboration across different countries. The aim of this collaboration is to avoid duplication of effort, improve the use of limited resources and to support countries to develop the necessary skills and methods.

The current collaboration includes 16 partners from 11 different countries. [more information]

A strong network has been established and the collaboration has successfully shared skills and knowledge and developed joint activities.

To share our findings and promote the network, CoCanCPG consortium is holding a symposium in Paris on Tuesday November 24th 2009.
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